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How Can You Add QR Codes To Your PowerPoint Lecture?

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Performing various PowerPoint presentations in education and other fields has evolved over time. The obstacles that existed in conventional presentation methods are eliminated using keynote software like PowerPoint, as technology simplifies complex tasks with varied control assimilation.

But, given that maintaining people involved with the lectures is a challenge for all presenters, how can using QR codes in PowerPoint conferences help keep the crowd intrigued during the lecture?

QR codes play an integral role in simplifying and combining different tasks in one setup in recent times. With the vast existence of a QR code generator with logo software online, incorporating its use in various ways is more accessible for people to accomplish with just a few taps. 

Given that more people are technologically literate and can develop novel technological ways to spice up their learning, a few are having a difficult time catching up with the concepts that they can inject into the presentations they do professionally and academically. 

Before diving into incorporating QR codes into your PowerPoint presentations, take a quick overview of what a QR code is and how various industries currently implement it. 

QR code: Brief Description

A QR (Quick Response) code is a matrix barcode that stores and secures data using four different encoding systems: numeric, alphanumeric, binary, and kanji. In 1994, People first used this kind of barcode in Japan to monitor and identify parts in the car manufacturing assembly.

QR codes are now used in various industries to store product details, virtual menus, and other data.

How To Include A QR Code In A PowerPoint Presentation?

Because QR codes are so common and can be inserted in various ways, you can use them in your next PowerPoint lecture in the following areas.

Get comments from your crowd on your lecture

Getting responses from participants can help one identify areas where they can enhance their performance. Because handing out and fetching formative assessments can be time-consuming, you can collect feedback from your crowd by using a QR code generator online to create and having them scan a survey questionnaire QR code on your slide.

You can use it to embed your data sources

Because the information you include in your PowerPoint slides is limited, some of your audience members will ask for the source’s link to gain a better understanding.

You can accomplish this by embedding a QR code of the metadata link to assist them in transitioning from your slides to the source of information using their cell phone cameras. This eradicates the need for your audience to enter the data link into the browser.

Additional activity files portal

If you’re giving a seminar or workshop and want your audience to apply what you’ve taught them, using a PDF QR code to infuse an activity file into the demonstration is excellent. They can complete their activity digitally with no hassle if they scan the code.

Use to share your contact information easily

You can embed your contact information into a QR code and put it in your Contact Me slide if you want your audience to contact you via SMS or email after your lecture. Your audience will be able to view and save your contact info with just a scan and chat with you regarding the topics you tackled or book another lecture with you.

Continue the conversation on social media

Because you only have a specific amount of time to present your idea to your audience, some presenters encourage their audience to continue the conversation on social media. However, because typing the speaker’s social media page for discourse takes longer than scanning a code that directs to the page, it is best to insert a QR code that holds the social media page in your PowerPoint presentation.


Technological tools like QR codes are advancing the way we present ideas in PowerPoint, so the software’s presentation options are no longer limited to text and images.

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