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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Your GI Bill To Pay For Flight Training

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There are many advantages as well as disadvantages associated with using a GI bill to pay for flight school. Veterans are the only individuals who have access to a GI bill. For those interested in using it to pay their way through flight school, there are a few things to keep in mind prior to applying to any particular program. Flight school does include Part 125 aviation training, so students may need to make sure that their GI bill covers the cost of certain training programs.

It is very possible to maintain in great grace with the VA while attending flight school. The best way to do this is by simply taking a four-year aviation program instead of single non-degree classes just to obtain a rating or certificate. The GI bill should be used in that manner for the VA to fully support it. This is because the VA views four-year degree aviation programs the same way they view other four-year degree programs. The only difference is the major itself. For students interested in actually flying commercially, four-degree programs tend to be the best route.

The biggest advantage of being able to use the GI bill to pay for aviation school is the fact that it will pay 100% of the cost as long as the school is in the state. This is also for public schools only. For those looking to take private aviation courses, their GI bill will cover $21,970 per year for the degree program which is still a nice chunk. However, for those that are looking to take training classes through a standalone school, their GI bill will only cover $12,554 per year. Individuals need to make sure that they weigh their options prior to signing up with any flight program.

Another great advantage of using the GI bill to pay for aviation school is that students will receive a monthly housing allowance. This allowance will be based on the school’s zip code. The number of credits will also have an effect on the amount of the monthly allowance that will be given to eligible students. The GI bill will also cover up to $1000 a year for the costs of books.

Aviation school can be pretty costly so it does help to have a GI bill to cover at least some of the expenses. One of the biggest disadvantages of using the GI bill to pay for aviation school is that the actual flight costs for the schools would fall on the student itself. This is because the VA only covers the cost of in-state fees and tuition. However, students will be able to take advantage of financial aid to help cover the cost of any remaining fees. It may be available through the flight school or via student loans. Flight training such as part 125 aviation training may or may not be covered through the GI bill. This is something that should be discussed with the school prior to enrollment.

Aviation school can turn out to cost as much as $107,185 depending on the school itself and a number of other factors. Having a GI bill to use can help take some or even most of the cost of the tuition itself leaving students with very little student loan debt. Financial aid and many other sources are available for those students who may need additional funding assistance on top of their GI bill. Overall, students should just make sure that they are wise in their decision making. All rights reserved. | Newsphere by AF themes.